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Re: X11 Keyboard mapping with hal: How?

On 01/20/2010 06:44 PM, Elimar Riesebieter wrote:

Just put

Section "ServerFlags"
     Option_·"DontZap"           "off"
     Option_·"AutoAddDevices"    "off"

to your xorg.conf and configure your keyboard as usual with

Unfortunately I get:
"Failed to load module "kbd" (module does not exist, 0)"
...and there is no mouse anymore. The xorg.conf was created by
Xorg --configure

If I switch AutoAddDevices to on, mouse and keyboard are working, but with a wrong layout. I prefer to modify hal to chose the right keyboard layout for me rather than switching it off entirely.

If I wtach the Xorg.0.log I see with hal working it choses a keyboard layout "sg" (instead of "ch" Variant "de_mac") and I remember vaguely typing this once in a Debian dialog when installing. The layout "sg" doesn't exist, that's why I'm quite sure, I did this type. But I can't find the package to dpkg-reconfigure -plow to stumble upon this question again. Any hint?

I think I found the solution to teach hal the right layout here:

Thanks and best regards, Adrian.

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