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Re: Is this the appropriate list?

2009/12/17, Gombang Nan Cengka <gombang@gmail.com>:
> On Thursday 17 December 2009 22:35:56 Thomas Carlson wrote:
>> Is this the appropriate list to ask why Debian Lenny doesn't recognize the
>>  sound card on my PowerMac G4 (Digital Audio)?  Everything else works
>> fine.

>> Since Apple stopped supporting OS X Tiger I have been trying out various
>>  Linux flavors.  Any recommendations?
As the computer is not especially powerful measured with today's
standards, I would recommend Debian with LXDE desktop.
> I don't have PowerMac G4, but I guess the fix will be to load snd_powermac
> kernel module. It works on my iBook G4.
> --
Yes, snd_powermac should work (G4 Silver):


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