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Re: Market research for new PowerPC system

Speaking for myself, and I'm a small-time consultant to the local Small-Office Home-Office market, I would wholeheartedly welcome the arrival to the market of a PowerPC/Power motherboard.  I would commission local builders to create servers and desktops that would have that one extra layer of protection from malware.

I believe it would also give developers a platform to hone their skills on a native platform for the embedded market.

I wholeheartedly endorse the creation of a PowerPC/POWER motherboard.  I'll be one of the first customers.

All my best - Chris Reich; Rochester, New York

--- On Mon, 9/28/09, Chris Friesen <cfriesen@nortel.com> wrote:

> From: Chris Friesen <cfriesen@nortel.com>
> Subject: Re: Market research for new PowerPC system
> To: "Konstantinos Margaritis" <markos@codex.gr>
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> Date: Monday, September 28, 2009, 7:01 PM
> On 09/26/2009 05:38 AM, Konstantinos
> Margaritis wrote:
> > I'm considering funding the design & production of
> a new PowerPC  
> > system (well, the motherboard, the rest are typical pc
> stuff and a  
> > case).
> It might be interesting as a low-power system.  For a
> development box,
> this looks more interesting:
> http://www.fixstars.com/en/products/powerstation/specs.html
> $1250 USD gets you two dual-core 2.5GHz 970MP chips.
> Chris
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