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Re: Market research for new PowerPC system


first off, I like your idea. This is my public reply, I'll give a
personal reply later.

On Sat, Sep 26, 2009 at 1:38 PM, Konstantinos Margaritis
<markos@codex.gr> wrote:
> I'm considering funding the design & production of a new PowerPC system
> (well, the motherboard, the rest are typical pc stuff and a case). No this
What makes the system stand out, from say a Atom based PC?

(I know, playing devil's advocate here)

> 1. MPC8640D-based. It will be dual core at 1Ghz -most likely, higher
> frequencies are much more expensive and the cost of the final board would be
> prohibitive.
> 2. MPC8610-based. Single core at 1Ghz, slightly less expensive, and includes
> a 2D DIU display unit -quite fast, but no 3D unfortunately.
> 3. QorIQ P1022-based. Again dual core at 1Ghz (1055Mhz to be precise). Apart
> from the much lower chip price, this one includes dual gigabit ethernet,
> dual SATA, USB 2.0 and a 2D DIU display unit (same as the MPC8610). So this

Go for QorIQ P1022, it's the ideal SoC for many applications.

Alternatively, it's predecessor MPC8536E available now, ~same specs,
but higher power.  But not the two you mention please.

> End price is estimated to be ~around~ 350EUR for the P1022 board or ~500EUR
Pico P1022 or Pico MPC8536E pls.

and throw PCI Express (x4) in the party!

(hint: I haven't seen an Intel board with Atom and PCI Express yet).

Will the board be open hardware? I.e. an open sourced design?


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