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Re: 720p video on G4?

Hi there,

Sorry for jumping in late here.

On Sep 14 2009, José JORGE wrote:
> A Monday 14 September 2009 19:00:08, drz escreveu:
> > In that package is the Firmware for R3xx ATI cards. Maaaybe this
> > will speed things up a little, but I dont think it will be enough
> > for 720p.
> A simple way to check if the CPU can decode the 720p, even with an
> ideal GPU :

Gee, I wish that I had both a fast GPU & CPU like you guys have (I only
have a G3 and Rage 128 here).

> mplayer -vo null movie720.avi

Indeed. Using

$ mplayer -nosound -vo null -benchmark foo.avi

is also a good idea to see how the machine works (if it is not CPU
bound), especially after doing something like:

$ dd if=foo.avi of=/dev/null

to get the file in the cache. Depending on the format of the video (say,
a H.264 video), it takes quite a good amount of CPU to decode the video.
Converting it to a simpler format (say, MPEG-4 Part 2) might be a good

To check the memory bandwidth of your machine, one simple-minded tool
that I used in the past is mbw (try: apt-cache show mbw).

And I can report that I got some low-resolution H.264 videos to be
playable on my 600MHz G3 iBook with mplayer and the options:

-vfm ffmpeg -lavdopts fast

This proved to be useful to play even Steve Job's video from this month.

For a source of some short 720p videos, you can try some available on
youtube or on Apple's quicktime section of the site.


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