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Re: Fan control ?

interesting.... but must be something only available on newer PowerPC boxes... I have no such thing as "/sys/devices/temperatures" .. or anything remotely resembling this....

But then again... my TiBook is also one of the earliest Powerbooks available.... ;-)

Den 16/09/2009 kl. 23.13 skrev Elimar Riesebieter:

* John K. Parejko [090916 15:12 -0400]

I just signed up to debian-powerpc, and noticed Niels S. Eliasen's
question from September 7th. I was able to get some power management
and sensors working on my g4 powerbook (12" 1.33GHz PowerBook6,4).

It is now serving as a webserver, NAT firewall, and wireless access
point. (hostapd works with the nl80211 drivers in master mode, but
required updating to kernel 2.6.30 from backports and hostapd 0.6.9
from testing.)

Try the following to get a reading of the temperature and fan speed
(I've included the output on my machine as an example):

$ cat /sys/devices/temperatures/*temp*
$ cat /sys/devices/temperatures/*fan*
64 (4770 rpm)
64 (0 rpm)

To check my sensors i ran the attached script.


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 not the fountainheads ;-)

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