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Re: PowerBook 12"

On Jul 17, 2009, at 11:41 AM, MAD wrote:

Hi Rick

So, I have the external WD Firewire drive. The Ubuntu I have is an ISO file downloaded from debian. I burned that to a CD, but I never bought a CD. So on my drive I made a new partition. It is empty and has 50 gb space on it. How do I make that partition bootable to go into the installation on my FireWire connected PowerBook? What do I need to do to the ISO file or to the CD?

Thanks again for your help.


First, let it be said that I don't know anything about Ubuntu, especially Ubuntu for PowerPCs, except that it is said to be "derived" from Debian. You asked on a Debian list, and I answered your questions as they applied to Debian. With that said, here's what I would do if I wanted to try booting and installing Debian from the open partition on your FireWire WD.

1) Plug the WD into a Linux box. Identify which partition is your "sacrificial" partition -- let's say it's /dev/sda5. If the Linux box is running Debian, you will want to use "mac-fdisk" (read the manual for details) to get a listing of the partitions. *Don't* try to mount the partition yet!

2) Byte-for-byte copy your .iso image to the partition. The "dd" command is probably your best bet. (again, read the manual for details) Something like:
	dd if=./installer-image.iso of=/dev/sda5

3) You may then try mounting the partition -- using the "mount" command. (again, read the manual for details -- pay particular attention to the part that talks about filesystem types) Something like: mount -r -v /dev/sda5 /mnt # you may also need the "-t hfs" (or "-t something-else") option. experiment! ls -lA /mnt # to see if it worked... repeat as necessary. When satisfied: umount -v /mnt # if it worked, unmount it so you can move it to the PowerBook

4) Plug the WD into the PowerBook. Turn the PowerBook on while holding down the "alt" key til you see a gui display showing possible boot partitions. One *should* be your linux install partition on the WD. Click to select it; then click the "->" icon. It should boot and start the installer.

5) When the installer goes looking for a CD/DVD drive it won't find it. Switch to the "alt-F2" console and mount the installer's WD partiton as /cdrom, then switch back to the "alt-F1" console and use the "back" button to try again searching for the CD.

This *should* work, but I have *not* tried it, so I don't know for sure that it will. If it fails, I don't know what to suggest. You can ask on the debian-powerpc list, but make sure to try it with one of the Debian installer images before you do. The debian-powerpc list is for *Debian* questions on PowerPC hardware, *not* for Ubuntu, and some folks there are sensitive on the subject.

Hope it helps.


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