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Re: sym scsi driver problem with 2.6.26 or newer debian kernel on p610 (fwd)


I'm sorry about the annoyances, but I'd welcome all ideas, suggestions to see what needs to be done or should be tested for the solution.

Thank you very much!

Guennadi Liakhovetski wrote:
Ok, first attempt to forward this to scsi was wrong, as pointed out by Matthew Wilcox this does indeed look like an interrupt problem - no interrupts drom SCSI, IDE, keyboar. Might be a known problem, I guess. In any case, I think, the OP would be grateful for any hints.

Guennadi Liakhovetski, Ph.D.
Freelance Open-Source Software Developer

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Subject: sym scsi driver problem with 2.6.26 or newer debian kernel on p610
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Pls help me with sym scsi driver problem.

I have Ibm P610 (and tested it on P630 and P640 too), installed debian

etch and upgraded to lenny.

But with 2.6.26 or newer kernel it's not booting, it's hang on sym scsi

bus scan.

Whats the problem with it, or how can I fix this?

I attach the output from minicom with 2.6.29, 2.6.26, and the working

2.6.24 kernel booting.

Thank you very much!

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