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Re: Ctrl-Alt-Backspace disabled?

On Jun 8, 2009, at 3:29 PM, Jan Willem Stumpel wrote:

widux wrote:

Am Montag 08 Juni 2009 19:34:24 schrieb Jan Willem Stumpel:

Andrei Popescu wrote: (about getting ctl-alt-backspace back):
You need

Option    "DontZap" "false"

in the ServerFlags section of your xorg.conf (check the manpage for
xorg.conf, I'm writing from memory).

This worked for about a week -- but nannyism has crept further. In
the latest Sid, even this trick doesn't work anymore. How to get
it back, I wonder.


for me
	right-Alt + Print + k
does the trick!


How does that map to the Macintosh keyboard? I have no key(s) marked "print". On a Dell keyboard "Print Screen" is also marked "SysRq". But there's no "Sysrq" key on the Mac keyboard, either...

How on earth did you find this out?

Also, do you know where this is set, so I could change it? Or is
it hard-coded somehow? Anyway, thanks for the information.

I am equally flabergasted at the apparent obscurity of this key combo.

Thanks for the help!


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