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Re: xorg.conf powerbook g4 kde 4.2.2

Am Montag 11 Mai 2009 10:18:33 schrieb Michel Dänzer:
> 	Option	"AccelMethod" "EXA"
Unfortunately it didnt change anything.

I tried compiz and it works like a breeze. Yippieh.

For 3d Programs I tried Celestia (I think it needs 3d-Acceleration) and it 
works, even with compiz ;)

Same problem on a Dell D600 but with ati 9000, which is a rv250 chip. But that 
computer doesnt freeze, when enabling Desktop effects. 
So my guess is, its a general radeon+kde4.2.2 problem (maybe not powerpc 
specific), despite the fact the log doesnt give any hints.

I can provide any other log if needed. ( Yes, I will post it in the Email, 
Should I repost the other logs in an email, maybe for documentational 

greetz & thx


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