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Re: xorg.conf powerbook g4 kde 4.2.2

On Son, 2009-05-10 at 02:00 +0200, drz wrote:
> 2. Does anybody have a working xorg.conf for a powerbook g4 with ati 9700 
> (rv350)?

You shouldn't really need any special xorg.conf settings.

> I cant enable Desktop effects on kde 4.2.2 :( If I enable effects the xserver 
> freezes and so I cant even get into the console by alt-ctrl-f1. Turning the 
> computer off is the only solution.
> Direct Rendering worked out of the box, but I dont really know how to get 
> compositing to work.

Please provide the full Xorg.0.log file and the output of


Does compiz work? What about other 3D applications?

I worked upstream to get OpenGL compositing working on this PowerBook
more than two years ago, I've been using compiz ever since and also try
KDE every now and then to check that it's still working there as well.

> Oh, and I set UseFBdev to false after having a problem with weird
> fonts in tty1 when i stopped gdm. 

The option has no effect with current versions of the radeon driver. Not
100% sure about the version in lenny but I suspect it's the case there.

> 3. Is it possible to scroll or right click without an external mouse on the 
> touchpad?

Two-finger scrolling works (and so may two- and three-finger taps) with
current versions of xserver-xorg-input-synaptics, but again I'm not sure
about the version in lenny.

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