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Re: PowerBook G4 12"

Title: Re: PowerBook G4 12"
Mp, if you install either Debian or Ubuntu, the bootloader will pick up your MacOSX installation on your PowerBook and make the menu a dual boot option.  What happens is that when you turn on the computer, you will get a text screen giving you the option to boot into either OSX or Linux (whichever you installed).  The default will be Linux unless you hit the “x” key.  You can edit the menu if you prefer it the other way around.

If your question is about the disk setup rather than the bootloader, when you start up the Debian/Ubuntu installation disk you will be given the choice to (1) wipe the disk and install the Linux (or words to that effect), (2) install the Linux on the largest available free space, or (3) manually partition.  Any choice but #1 will preserve OSX and your files, but #2 may not be optimal.  I say that because using the largest available free space may not leave you enough space to put more OSX files on your PowerBook.  What I actually did was to shrink the volume holding MacOSX to the size I wanted it, leaving the remaining space for (in my case) Debian.  I left about 15gb for Debian, which is plenty for playing around and adding all kinds of files and programs.  (The basic installation takes less than 5gb if I recall correctly.)  If you ever make it your main OS, you can always expand the volume later or make a new partition to hold additional Linux files.

The question is what tool to use to shrink your Mac volume.  I have a program called Drive Genius, which allowed me to do that on the Mac.  The Linux tool, gparted can also do it, right within the installation if you choose Option #3 above, but you have to create two volumes for your Linux; one for System and Home files and one for swap files.  I believe that there are good instructions on the Debian (or Ubuntu) website for how to do this.

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On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 8:15 PM, m p <mpcrespo4@gmail.com> wrote:
I just read your thread on installing linux on PB G4. I have a 1.33
Mhz, 1.25 GB RAM, 64MB nvidia video. I'm completely new to the linux
world and looking for some advice on installing the ideal flavor of
linux on my system. I want something that will run smootly and give me
better performance. My system overtime has become slow and a friend
suggested Linux. Is Debian "lenny" a good alternative? Is it user
friendly to newbies? I am somewhat familiar with command line, but
haven't used it in a while...how much of is needed? I've heard of Arch
Linux as well...and Ubuntu...whats ur opinion?

   I will like the one that will utilize my PB's resources wisely and enhance my performance...I'm really excited to enter the linux world! Just want to get some advice before making the leap. Also, whats the easiest way to make system dual boot. I don't want to risk loosing my current data under mac os 10.3.9.

Thanks for all of your feed feedback!


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