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Fw: installing Lenny on IBM RS/6000

to christian:

i have a rs/6000  7248-133
which is a prep machine.
started with  loading it with  woody (2.4.x)
by following the following how to:

(it is still there)

i used the floppy installer with a cdrom of  woody (3.0)
----   probably the sarge (3.1) cdrom would work also.

installed fine.

and was able to upgrade to sarge with no problem by doing dist-upgrade.
had to rebuild the kernel later to support newer features in sarge- not a big problem -

could not get etch (4.0) to install/upgrade.
wound up having to build the kernel manually.
suspect lenny has/is the same problem.

and runs as fast as my pentium box with etch installed...

i have tried the mini.iso under the powerpc/prep directories.
did/does NOT work.

the powerpc builds are generally for the MAC systems and not the IBM's.

configuration of disks:
(i have a scsi disk to install to)

sda1   prep partition   8 MB
sda2   swap partition 500 MB (more that twice installed memory)
sda3   ext3 partition   reset of disk for root (/)

the zImage.prep has a built in boot loader.
you copy (dd) it to the sda1 partition.
(dd if=/boot/zImage of=/dev/sda1)
and load the rest of the software onto sda3
you set the kernel command line to load root from /dev/sda3
(console=tty1 root=/dev/sda3)
now the device names on yours might be different
(hda, sda, etc)

if you get woody/sarge up
can help in getting etch/lenny to work on IBM


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