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installing Lenny on IBM RS/6000


I'm trying to install Lenny on an IBM 43P Model 140 / 7043 (RS/6000 PReP).
The system should be working: It ran Gentoo when I got my hands on
it.  While trying to switch to Debian I bricked it (does not boot any
more) and now I'm trying a fresh install.

Attempting to boot via CD-ROM ("boot cdrom" in OpenFirmware) results
in an initial read from the drive (it spins up and flashes) and then
the system hangs.  There is no output at all, neither on the serial
console nor on VGA.

As I've already got an i386 running completely vir TFTP+NFS, I tried
netbooting instead.

To me it is unclear which file I should use for netbooting:

 - The yaboot way seems to apply to NewWorld Macs only.  When I try
   it, I end up with an ELF ERROR after the yaboot file gets

 - Trying to boot the vmlinux file, I also get an ELF ERROR.

 - Trying to boot the mini.iso via TFTP results in this:
   DEFAULT CATCH!, code=de9dbeef at   %SRR0: 00604d50 %SRR1: 00083000

I filed an installation bug report (#515678) and was pointed to this
mailing list.

Can anybody help with this?


       (o o)

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