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Re: G5 Debian Lenny Install Difficulties: iMac

Dear Irena & Richard,

That model used an ATI video card, so you might try "video=atyfb".
(after 8 years, I still haven't found out why they didn't call it atifb)

I'm presuming you're meaning boot messages, because open firmware doesn't give you any messages unless you type in some Forth programming commands.


Irena & Richard Jenkins wrote:
> Hi there ...
> At home I have a G5 iMac ... the one with the logic board inside what looks
> like a standard lcd monitor ... with a dvd port on the right hand side.
> When I try to install debian lenny, I get to the yaboot menu readily
> enough ... and then if I just press the return key ... it starts to boot.
> After about 5 sec the screen turns white ... and starts giving me OF messages. > Any attempt to input info from the keyboard fails ... and I have to do a cold
> reboot.
> I tried the video=ofonly alternative ... and the same thing happens.
> Anyone out there got a simple remedy for this issue??
> Many thanks
> Richard
> PS ... machine is perfectly standard ... and has only Kubuntu on it at
> present.  I replaced the plastic apple keyboard with one of those snazzy
> ones ... made by apple.  Very smart!
> I'd ;like to access the bigger ppc group supporting Debian ... so how can I
> get past the difficulty ... and get 'lenny' installed on my computer.
> Thanks for any help.

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