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power management on iBook (mid 2005)

Hi List,

I was wondering what was the best way to deal with the power management
on my iBook. I am currently using pbbuttonsd (v. 0.8.1a) + powerprefs
(0.8.0), with userspace scaling governor for cpufreq.

That is what I have been using for quite some time now, but I started to
use Gnome as a desktop, and it seems that gnome-power-manager is
conflicting with this setting, messing up with brightness and cpufreq
and all.

Moreover I have read several times that the best scaling governor would
be ondemand, but every time I tried, it, I got the following message:

  ondemand governor failed, too long transition latency of HW, fallback
to performance governor

My questions are the following:
1) Is pbbuttonsd obsolete and should be replaced by something else or
simply removed?
2) Is it better to just kill gnome-power-manager and let pbbuttonsd do
its job?
3) Is it possible to use ondemand scaling governor on powerpc iBook?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Best regards,


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