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report on running debian on ppc


please cc: me at simon.raven@gmail.com

here's a report of successful usage of debian on a couple ppc machines
i own/maintain.

i have 2 in current use, both oldworld. one's a mac clone, power tower
pro. up until
several months ago, i was booting it via quik. this works ok, but it
has issues with its
pci bus, making video on it iffy, luckily it's only a server; to get
around it, i boot
with bootx from a small mac os 9 partition, with the bootx extension
in the extensions 'folder'
on the mac partition. otherwise, this machine works fine.

the other is a beige g3, tower model. today, i was trying out grub2. i
had a pleasant surprise when i tried
to boot with grub: quik suddenly worked. as of this current boot
session this machine - which is also
a server - it has booted via quik. i did see the usual DEFAULT CATCH
error that's seen on
these machines. i had a talk with rbrito earlier today, and i had
mentioned to him/her that
quik didn't work on this machine. turns out it's working better. i
suppose that's due to
a wrong boot-device argument in the machine's OF nvram.

both of these currently run debian very well, with varied hardware
attached, and have for years.

linux gives me the flexibility i want to do with these old beasts.
they're slow sometimes, but hey, they're not
dual-proc g4 or g5 beasts ;).

simon cote

  ,''`.   http://www.debian.org/
  : :' :  Debian GNU/Linux

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