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Re: G3 Beige Tower install help

On Wed, Sep 03, 2008 at 08:28:38PM +0200, Jos? JORGE wrote:
> A Wednesday 3 September 2008 14:22:01, Stephen Allen escreveu:
> > I've searched for an install 'how-to' and settled on the "G3-Beige" how to
> > on the Debian Wiki. There is a lot of conflicting advice on installing on
> > these old world machines in the wild, and it's quite confusing. Some say
> > not to use Boot-X and to use quik instead for example. Which way is the
> > debian way ?
> As far as I know, G3 is not oldworld. 

My understanding is that all the beige G3's are old world, as well as the 1st generation PowerBook G3's.

> > 	Using the Debian-Etch-PPC net install CD, I booted up with my MacOS 9 CD.
> > However when booted with system CD, it can't see the Debian Net install cd
> > if I put it in the scsi CD drive. If I reverse this, and put the MacOS 9 in
> > the scsi CD player, it boots fine, but sill doesn't see the Debian net
> > install cd, in the onboard ata CD Drive. So, I can't start the install.
> >
> You should boot from the Debian Install CD to install it!

It won't boot from the Install CD -- AFAIK a known issue with the old world boxen.

S.D.Allen - Toronto

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