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Re: No audio on PowerBook G4 for kernels > 2.6.22


 Sorry for late reply :)

* Helge Kreutzmann <debian@helgefjell.de> [2008-07-30 19:33:13 CEST]:
> I own a PowerBook G4.

 Welcome to the club. :)

> For previous kernels (2.6.19 self compiled, Debian 2.6.22) playing
> audio files was no problem.  When using the Debian 2.6.25 or a self
> compiled 2.6.24 I no longer have audio though.  When I look at the
> loaded modules I see that in 2.6.24 snd_seq, snd_seq_device,
> snd_seq_midi_event and snd_seq_oss are loaded additionally (full diff
> see below).  When stracing e.g.  mpg123 in 2.6.22, lots of files in
> /dev/snd are opened.  In 2.6.24 I get several error messages for
> mpg123, starting with: /dev/dsp: No such file or directory The
> directory /dev/snd only contains two files: controlC0  timer
> When booting into 2.6.25 (Debian), no directory /dev/snd is present 
> (only /dev/sndstad) and mpg123 fails again with
> /dev/dsp: No such file or directory

 Which mpg123 version do you use? Please note that there are multiple
packages out there providing that alternative binary.

 snd_aoa_fabric_layout is the module that makes alsa work on my PB G4 so
you might want to give that a try, and my mpg123 opens

 Hope that helps,

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