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Re: Build failure of supertuxkart on powerpc

* Vincent Fourmond <fourmond@debian.org> [2008-08-08 08:57:43 CEST]:
>   supertuxkart in unstable (0.5-1.1) fails to build on powerpc with an
> error at ./configure time. I can't build the package on porter
> machines as the necessary packages are not installed (or am I missing
> something ?). Would it be possible to get the config.log file produced
> during the build ?

 There is no need for you to do so. The problem is that openal is
misbehaving a fair bit here: It calls destructor routines even if
constructor hasn't been called and thus a plain "main(){}" segfaults
when linked against -lopenal (this in fact is the problem why
supertuxkart and also hugs98 don't compile on powerpc currently).

 I am in contact with someone more closely invovled with upstream and
who is preparing a patch for openal for this issue. pabs is also on it
together with me, so we should have an openal-soft update ready
hopefully within the next few days, with the added addition to be able
to ask for freeze exception for it directly instead of having to mail
around and explain the issue via mail, which is known to become tedious
in some areas.

 So long for the time being,

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