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Re: Suggestions for running Mac OS 9.0.1 on debian-x86-64

Brad Boyer wrote:
Weren't you trying to run OS9? This is definitely OSX, as the classic
MacOS didn't use mach for its kernel.

Hm, strange, I wasn't aware that any OS X stuff was on that partition as well. And when booting that partition through MOL it definitely booted OS 9 (but iirc one could configure in the MOL config file which kind of OS to boot). But loop mounting the partition in fact showed me a number of unix-ish folders. I tried rm -rf private etc bin dev sbin tmp var usr, but qemu would still come up with the Mac OS X loader. (Creating a disk file with an empty hfsplus in it would not print the Mac OS X loader message but just say "unable to load boot file" on the screen, as expected.)

After more thinking about this, booting OS9 will most likely require
the driver partitions to be available as you asked earlier in the
thread. It might be worth trying to boot from a MacOS CD if you have one.

I don't think I've got any Mac OS CD anymore.

So I guess I'm back at using MOL under a linux/ppc (since MOL didn't require these driver partitions, and didn't have any issue loading the Mac OS 9).


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