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Re: What is your opinion?

On Jul 15 2008, Esteban Monge wrote:
> Great surprise, i have also a AGP graphics!!!

AFAIK, many Apple G4 machines (especially those more recent) have AGP
graphics. Even the notebooks have AGP graphics.

> I dont use KDE, dont like GNOME, i love Enlightenment... I have
> downloaded all themes and backgrounds, epplets and another thinks for
> it.

I see no problems using such a machine as a Desktop, since it has
altivec and this would be a good fit for playing multimedia.

> I compiled the last time, and use actually, Mplayer... but i found in
> internet the repository debian-multimedia and make a apt-mirror.

Mirror only the sources directory. You are already getting the binaries
via apt-get/aptitude. This greediness is what drives Marillat's
bandwidth sky-hight. Please, don't do that.

> I dont have Internet connection, i think in this case Etch dont have
> security problem...

Local security holes are always a concern, unless you are the only user
and are careful.

> Thanks for you experience, i going to install Etch in my machine!!!

Yes, installing etch is a good thing. Installing lenny is even better if
you want latter software and learn more about Debian (and also
contribute as a Quality Assurance person for the next release,
especially for a platform deprived of people testing it---all arches
unless i386 and amd64 lack people testing it).

Regards, Rogério Brito.

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