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Re: What is your opinion?

--- On Mon, 7/7/08, Esteban Monge <esteban.francisco@gmail.com> wrote:

> From: Esteban Monge <esteban.francisco@gmail.com>
> Subject: What is your opinion?
> To: debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org
> Date: Monday, July 7, 2008, 9:26 AM
> Hello partners
> I want install Debian GNU/Linux Etch in my powermac g4
> 450Mhz, 2Gb Ram, 60GB
> HDD, do you recommend install this???

pci graphics model might be a problem.

agp graphics or later no problem.

I have etch on a pci-graphics that runs and
boots fine, however the installer cd would
not boot. I installed it with connecting
the hd to a newer g4. also for that machine
the drive designation is reversed, that is
the hd is hdc and the dvd or cd is hda.

Just in case.

agp with a firmware update, necessary for
cpu upgrade, it broke the option key so
to dual boot macos you have to use the
yaboot text menu thing.

later models (gigabit and up) should be no

I am not sure what the other replyer meant
by "no workstation" however i use zine media
player, ginp photo editor and other image tools
(nothing bigger than 5 mpx tho), scribus publisher,
etc no problems. some apps may be faster with
a graphics card upgrade especially if you have
bigger monitor somethings.

I have debated whether to try kde on these machines
but in past I have run one of the simpler desktops
or a simple window manager.

Lenny will probably be faster than Etch. I think
it is already but testing still. Etch was slower than
Sarge, but not too noticeable on g4 for me. But much
better support for many things.

There were some issues where sarge was more safely 
secure but hopefully that will not recurr and soon
there will be no more update for sarge so it
would be less secure... But some people were still
using sarge for servers after Etch was released.

It is not hard to upgrade in place in any case.
I have not had to do a fresh install since sarge.
You can also clone an existing system which I have
done but you need to edit a few files probably.
I have done that a few times because it is fast
(clone a whole system in a few minutes with parted) 

> Or continue with mi sarge???

upgrade. edit etc/sources.list and dist-upgrade.
> Thanks...


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