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[RFH] Mac-on-Linux for Debian lenny


The current state of MOL in Debian is broken since quite some time. If
we want to have MOL in the next release we have to act now!

Currently there are 2 major issues holding up the MOL packages in

-> Unusable kernel modules: This is caused by the removal of
   handle_mm_fault in recent kernels. To fix this we have to talk to the
   kernel team to see if they accept the attached patch which reenables
   the export.
   Additionaly the modules as shipped in mol-source currently don't
   compile with recent kernels. This can be fixed by updating mol-source
   to the most recent version in the upstream SVN.
   This issue is Debian bug #445359.
   José: What's the status of the upstream integration of the MOL kernel
   modules. Is this expected to happen anytime soon or is the work on it

-> MOL SVN segfaults or hangs: The current version of MOL in unstable
   just hangs after startup if used with the latest kernel modules
   compiled from SVN. The latest SVN version segfaults at the same point
   where the other version hangs. This segfault was also reported on the
   upstream mailinglist. AFAIK there is no fix for it atm. José: are you
   planning to work on this in the near future?
   Probably the appropriate place to discuss this bug is

Unfortunaltely I have very little free time at the moment and I'm unable to
fix this two issues without help. Is there anyone else on the MOL
Packaging Team or the Debian PowerPC Mailinglist who could take care of
one of these issues. I wold be glad to assist if problems arise. Solving
the first problem probably only needs communication to the kernel team. 


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