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Re: Problem installing debian: netinst hangs at "Loading ramdisk..." on an IBM 7028-6C1

Sven Luther wrote:
On Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 10:28:40PM +0100, Bart-Jan Vrielink wrote:

I'm trying to install Debian stable on a IBM Pseries 610 using the netinst Cdrom. After some fiddling in the SMS I end up with a yaboot prompt. No matter what I try (tried expert64, install and also expert64 with the video=ofonly option) but I get nothing more than:

boot: expert64
Please wait, loading kernel...
   Elf64 kernel loaded...
Loading ramdisk...

What am I doing wrong? Does Debian support my system? To what console is

You need install64, normally, but i guess there is some problem in
detecting your system and recognizing the serial port.

I'd guess expert64 should have the same effect. Will try install64 later, to make sure.

Are you using the VIOS and LPARs, or installing debian on the raw
hardware, in these cases your serial console should be something like
/dev/hvc# or /dev/hvs# (from memory, please check the exact details).

It's a Power3 system, so no such thing as virtualization on this box. I've got the first serial port (out of a total of 3) connected to my console server. Up until this Loading ramdisk message this seems to work. I already tried console=ttyS0. I assume hvc/hvs only applies to HMC type consoles?

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