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Power Mac G4 as a wireless router?

Hi all,

haven't been on this list for a while as I haven't been running PPC Debian!  Anyway as the title says, this concerns setting up a Power Mac G4 as a wireless router.  My main questions are about hardware compatiblity etc.  I have a Power Mac G4 quicksilver, 733 MHz, 133 MHz bus speed btw with Etch already installed.  Managed to get Samba and Squid running on it no problem.

I'm thinking that the best wi-fi card to get would be an Atheros one as they can easily be put in Master / Access point mode with the madwifi drivers.  Is this true?  Does madwifi work well on PPC?  Madwifi's site seems to say so but I'm interested in people who maybe have it running on their PPC Debian installation.  I know there's issues w.r.t proprietary HAL but these should be resolved with the next generation driver from madwifi.  So would a PCI Atheros card work in Master / AP mode on a PPC Debian box?  I was thinking of getting something off eBay like this for example:


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I'm looking at retiring my crappy Broadcom based Buffalo wireless router.  Even with OpenWrt on it, it still performs poorly.  One of the prices you have to pay for Broadcom not supplying free drivers for their hardware.

Thanks in advance,


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