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After Etch install MacOS9.2.2 not booting anymore.

I am tuning my new Etch system,I have finally
using a small HFS partition on the harddisk and a
netinstall ISO in a flash key.The problem is: I cannot
boot anymore my MacOS 9.2.2 partition,when I try
from a CD the MacOS on it does not even recognize the
2 HFS+ and HFS on the harddrive(only recognize the all
HardDisk,and I do not wish to erase all and start from
scratch).The files on the HFS partitions are intact,I
copy them to Etch without any problem.
I used ybin to configure booting on both
using a tested yaboot.conf file(I used it with Sarge),
so the problem is probably related with the partitions
(HFS,HFS+),or files MacOSROM and System used by
OpenFirmware to load the system,something was changed
during the install of Etch,but all happend normally
with all screens.How to fix that without starting all
from scratch is challenging,at first sight.Any idea
about how to get over this?

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