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Re: Will Debian 5.0 have support for PS3?

On Friday 07 March 2008 04:45:19 Norberto Feliberty wrote:
> Hi thanks for the info. I like to look a different linux distros for the
> PS3 to see which one works best for me. One thing that is important to me
> in a linux distro for PS3 is flash but there is no real support for flash
> on the PPC. Since you are the one who is making linux happen on the ps3,


> are you in the position of making flash available for linux on the PS3? If
> not, who is the person in charge of getting things like flash working on
> linux for PS3? 

Community support. join in. Gnash is coming of age lately

> Are you a debian specific person or you answer questions 
> about any linux distro for the PS3. I like to try out new builds of linux  
> distros on my ps3 when I have spare time so I can tell someone if I find
> any bugs but that is all I know. Norberto
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