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USB speaker on iBook running Debian/Lenny

Hi all,

you are my last resort after so much googling ...

There seems to be no way to get sound out of my usb speaker (namely "USB
Speaker Set SP.2930p" of Trust International BV) under linux, whereas
it works perfectly under MAC OS9.

I've a very vague reminiscence of this item working under Sarge with
kernel 2.2-something, but am not sure. Despite the various upgrades
(Etch/Lenny) I made no progress either with alsaconfig or
udev/udevtrigger. On the alsamixer screen I can see that the Power Ampl
is set to '00' (unmuted), but the up-arrow does nothing ...
Judging from some of the posts on internet, usb sound has not yet got
enough attention from the developers.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks fro your attention.

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