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Re: Will using kernel 2.6.24 make my laptop faster?

On Thu, Jan 31, 2008 at 12:50:23PM -0800, Bob McGowan wrote:
> Well, the primary advantage to rolling your own is that you can customize the kernel for your 
> hardware.
> Generic kernels include drivers for all sorts of things, most of which you don't have.
> This can reduce the size of the kernel, which can translate into faster operations, as well 
> as reduced space needed to hold it (and the modules you build, if any).

Do you have any numbers that kernel with unneeded hardware options not
compiled in actually run faster? I would be very suprised by this as the
additional code just never runs. AFAIK all applicable processor
optimizations for powerpc are already activated in the stock Debian

The space argument is theoretically true but I don't think it's relevant on 
any actual powerpc laptop which is able to run 2.6.24.

IMHO the main reason to compile ones own kernel is to test new
features. Either things that are beeing actively developed and therefore
not in the latest released kernel (or not with all the features) like
the b43 wireless driver or if you want to activated experimental
features that are not enabled in the Debian kernel for safety reasons
(like preempt which caused problems on powerpc in the past). 


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