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ibook G3 Wireless problem

Hi there Guys,

I'm having hassles getting my ibook's wireless airport card to connect to
our home wireless network.
I'm running gentoo on the ibook (this, after my debian prooved too slow on
it...,anyway moving on).
Its a G3 500MHZ(which runs beautifully with KDE btw).
The network I'm trying to connect to is a WPA protected network. The
airport card I have is the original airport card(IE not the airport
extreme). The airport card works, the interface is registered as eth1 in
Linux and it can connect to other (non wpa) networks - like our previous
WEP network. But as the security was wep, I opted to make it WPA-PSK. All
of our newer machines conenct to this fine - except for my beloved ibook.

Now I'm not sure(and this is why I'm posting this) if the airport can 
1) connect to a WPA protected network or a WPA2 network?
2) be upgraded to a airport extreme (for the ibook) as this I know can
connect to WPA networks.

can anyone shed some light here?

Cool - thanks


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