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Re: FLOSS VOIP Client Software

On Friday 25 January 2008 11:03:04 Amit Uttamchandani wrote:
> Hello fellow debian users,
> I am trying to look for a decent FLOSS VOIP software that allows me to
> communicate to Windows/Mac users. Skype is out of the question since it
> does not even support Debian PPC (which I have).
> I have heard of Ekiga. How is that? Does that work with Windows/Mac users
> using Skype clients?.

skype ... works as far as I know only with skype, never did any research.
I'm still bothered with the fact that the mic on pb5,7 is still out.
I recon no one is doing any work to get it fixed since it's kind a old, ever 
since intel happended.

kphone works. of course for my part, I cant talk back.

> What do you guys use?
> Any information will be very helpful.
> Thanks,
> Amit

Børge Holen

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