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Re: Hotplugging: VGA to alubook 5,8

On Thu, 2007-11-29 at 22:36 +0100, Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:
> So although in *retrospective* view (seen with the commands above) it
> seems there is everything from the randr.1-2 branch also in the master
> tree, there seem to be times when randr-1.2 had contents that were
> just not yet in master.

RandR1.2 support was initially developed on the randr-1.2 branch. Once
it was ready, the branch was merged into the master branch. As usual,
there is a myriad of ways to figure this out with Git, but FWIW some of
the simpler ones:

git-log origin/master..origin/randr-1.2

comes up empty, meaning the randr-1.2 branch doesn't have any commits
the master branch doesn't have.

git-log origin/randr-1.2..origin/master

shows all the commits the master branch has that the randr-1.2 branch
doesn't have, i.e. all the changes made to the master branch since the
randr-1.2 branch was merged.

gitk --all

gives a nice graphical view of the revision history.

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