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new install of lenny on iBook2

I have a 700mhz ibook with a damaged logic board. So I figured I'd make a Debian media server out of it. Rip music, play albums, etc.

Did the install by shining a flashlight at the screen. That was loads of fun (-: Hold the flashlight perpendicular to the keyboard, against the top of the lcd frame and tilt the lens towards the screen. It is now running lenny with the 2.6.22 stock kernel after a brief etch install, reboot and upgrade cycle.

I am getting external video now by using a trick I found online -- hit the power button to turn the machine on then immediately close the lid. Works pretty well until I can get X properly configured (pointers welcomed).

I have tried web searching but everyone who installed Debian did it 5 years ago. Hopefully some things have changed (-:

Now for the issues:
* sound. On x86 alsa is king. Is this true on ppc as well? If so how do I go about getting things setup?
* sleeping. What tools do I use for putting the machine to sleep?

Long term I would like a TV friendly UI. Any suggestions? All of my media is flac with the occasional ogg or speex. Sometimes external stuff will show up like podcasts.

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