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Re: beige g3 etch install

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> error anyway, since I have selected ext3 file system that is not
> supported in quik. I therefore say to carry on without a boot loader.
> Everything goes fine all the way to rebooting into the new system.
> However, when I do that, OS9 will not boot up. I just get the flashing
> disk symbol with a question mark on it. Popping the OS9 CD and booting
> off that and then running disk setup shows me that the HD has somehow
> been altered so it is not recognised properly as a mac HD. During the
> partitioning step, I did not alter anything other than hda7 and 8.
> I have found that I can reinstall the apple hard disk driver onto the
> disk and this then gets OS9 up and working. However, I cannot then boot
> into Debian, since the boot process gets a little way in and then I get
> a kernel panic at the point where it tries to mount the file system
> (error about no file system at /dev/hda7).

My guess is the etch installer deleted the driver partitions and installed
something else in that place (maybe the OF bootstrap partition, maybe
the Linux root partition). OTOH the partition numbers for driver
partitions should be lower than 7. Did the installer misdetect the size of
the disk, perhaps? That could have resulted in a bogus partition table
written to disk. Are data on the OS9 volume unchanged?

What would be helpful to have in this case is a dump of the partition
table, both before and after etch installation (note that you need to be
able to write to USB stick or flopy media from the installer to pull that
one off). dd if=/dev/hda of=somefile bs=512 count=1024 should be


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