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Re: Bug#443272: Partitions detected with mac-fdisk, but not with partman.

On Monday 05 November 2007, Charles Plessy wrote:
> I have tested the latest daily install disk, Debian GNU/Linux testing
> "Lenny" - Official Snapshot powerpc BC Binary-1 20071104-10:21, and when
> it arrives to Partman, it does not manage to detect my partition table.

You do not say anything about what type of system this is. Please do always 
provide that information!

> For the partman log, I attach it to the mail because it is a bit long.

There is basically nothing at all in the partman log about /dev/sda.
This makes it most likely that libparted just does not recognize your 
partition table.

A few questions before we reassign this report to libparted:
- to check if the drive itself (and the partition table) are correctly
  identified by the kernel: what's the output of 'dmesg | grep sda'
- to check if libparted is the problem: could you check (using some
  life CD for example) if the utility 'parted' recognizes the table


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