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Re: Correct Linux Kernel for Sonnet G4 in PowerMac 7500 with Sarge?

--- Ralf Saalmüller <info@mail.ralf-saalmueller.de>

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> Hello at Debian,
> >> however, one old 8500 i had to turn up the bright
> and
> >> contrast all the way and then could barely still
> >> see the console at night with all the lights out.
> >> however(2) once Xwindows started it was fine.
> I noticed that this alters with the monitor settings
> of MacOS. It  
> might help to change the color depth in MacOS.

well it helps the console, but because of the
framebuffer driver you need for Xwindow does
not allow mode change. if you want a higher res
you need to boot into that. who can stand 800x600
anymore ? 

its why i suggest to the OP he needs a video card.
of course i also said one thing at a time. 

personally no, i haven't tried an upgrade in mine yet.
i have got this one for free and it is sitting while
i gradually accumulate spare parts and cash.

the main thing that worries me is that the memory
is slow. i tested it goes at 25MB/s. that is something
you cannot upgrade.

also there is some story out there that sonnet
upgrades take away power from pci cards ? if you 
want video and a hd controller and / or usb or faster

plus the 8500 is known as the puzzle box as far as
adding RAM, plus

the physical card of the old L2 external cache needs
removing when you install
g3 or g4 upgrades so i hear.

> I used a 8500 PMac with kernel 2.4 and a sonnet
> 450MHz G3 with 512kb  
> L2 cache. A kernel 2.6 has worked but I missed the
> video-in support.
> One or two things might go wrong. Out-of-the-box
> sarge 2.6 kernel  
> might have things compiled in that don't work on
> OldWorld Macs.  
> Compile your own or use a special one from
> ppckernels.org.
> The other thing are l2/l3 caches. I had a PowerMac
> 9500 that could  
> not cold boot the 400MHz G3 card but it does with a
> restart. I think  
> that might be a cache problem. I had run the 8500
> Mac for quit some  
> time without the l2 cache enabled. I found out later
> how to set it.  
> It's about an upgrade g3 but it might get you on the
> track: http:// 
> www.cpu.lu/~mlan/linux/dev/g3upgrade.html
> This might sound strange, but I set up the OW Macs
> with a woody  
> installer. The old one I have does install debian
> stable ;-) This  
> always worked in case of a problem with the
> installer. I think etch  
> has a kernel 2.4. That might be another point to
> start and build a  
> kernel 2.6 that works, before switching to sarge.
> > I was really hoping ot hear from one of the people
> who assured me  
> > they had used Sonnet
> > cards with Debian; if you're out there (John
> Schmidt, Peter Rooney,  
> > Ralf Saalmüller), please
> > give a shout-out.
> Is that shout-out loud enough? ;-)
> Hop you get it somehow,
> Ralf
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