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These PowerPC machines are getting rather weak by
modern standards. What do we do for a browser?
My 512 MB G4 is now worse than my old 64 MB
Pentium-133 which ran Netscape.

I just got rid of all my firefox plug-ins, and it's still
agonizingly slow. I'm slightly tempted to upgrade
to see if the problem goes away, but you know how
that usually goes. :-(

I think I'm running pretty much the last version
prior to the silly name change.

I want to keep a browser running for months on
multiple desktops. I don't dare ask for Java or
Flash as this point, but Javascript is critical for
gmail and google maps. I'd like to be able to
middle-click a few dozen links, having them load
in tabs as I click for more. I'd like to then be able
to switch tabs without huge lag, even as things
load and render in other tabs.

Right now I'm spending a few hours each day
just waiting for the browser to catch up to me.
This is a horrible waste of time.

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