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Re: Where to put tip to fix very jerky mouse on iBook G3?

Norbert Lange-Schäfer wrote:
Hi Jarrod,
I had the same jerky USB-mouse on my Dual-USB-ibook 500 MHz with lenny. But
your solution helped a lot.
Great! Glad to know it helped.
Going along your line of thought I did

#cp /usr/share/doc/cpufrequtils/example/cpufrequtils.sample /etc/default/cpufrequtils

Then modify the script to my values. e.g. i had to change to 499999
instead of the expected 50000 and use userspace instead ondemand. Reboot and
Thank you for this info! It's working like a charm.

I've set the governor to userspace, same as you. For min and max
frequencies, I had no problem setting them both to 600000.
Did you have something that prevented you setting the lower frequency
to 500000?

Aug 31 01:57:51 bog3 kernel: ondemand governor failed to load due to too
long transition latency
I get the same message. It seems to me it would be good if the kernel disabled
frequency switching altogether if it decides the switch latency is too long
for the ondemand governor. Though I did read somewhere it's mandatory
for some newer x86 (64 bit?) chips.

... and still have trouble with sound; maybee both problems have something
to do with the latency of the kernel(?)


Not sure what might be causing that. I was running streamed audio from the
net as well as regular MP3s without major problems even before I disabled frequency switching. (The higher the load on the CPU the smoother it tended to run, presumably
because this meant it dropped to 400MHz less often.)

Thank you again for your help.


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