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Re: Sleep problems with kernels >= 2.6.21 on powerpc


> Unfortunately, it seems that kernels later than 2.6.21 have problems
> letting my powerpc iBook (G3 processor) going to sleep (suspend to
> ram).
> The userland that I am using is a Debian testing (lenny) and the
> default kernel that comes with it is 2.6.22, with some patches applied
> and pbbuttonsd (as the daemon for making the machine sleep).

Any diagnostics from kernel or pbbuttonsd?

> If I, on the other hand, use Debian's kernel 2.6.22 or compile my own
> kernel with just the necessary parts for my work (version 2.6.23-rc3
> taken from kernel.org), then I can't make the machine sleep: when I
> press the button, it acts like if I had, in sequence, pressed anything
> to wake it up (say, like pressing shift).
> I have already grabbed Linus's git tree and I am willing to do some
> cycles of "git bisect" to discover the point where it stopped working.

Please do, if kernel or system log does not indicate other possible


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