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Re: brutal shutdown


Yves-Alexis Perez wrote (14 Aug 2007 21:26:21 GMT) :
> since some days (don't know exactly when, but some days ago, and it
> keeps increasing), my powerbook (g4/15" 5,6) stops suddenly.
> Brutal shutdown without anything written in the logs.

> Firs times were while it was idle, during the night for example, but
> tonight it shutdown itself like 3 times, and once while I was in
> front of it, typing on the keyboard.
> I've checked the temperature:
> corsac@hidalgo: cat /sys/devices/temperatures/sensor2_temperature
> 49
> corsac@hidalgo: cat /sys/devices/temperatures/sensor1_temperature
> 50
> I don't think it's that high, and if it was really a temperature
> problem i'd say it should have been written in the logs. Maybe there
> is hardware failure involved, but I don't really know.
> Has someone got the same problem recently, and could this be a soft
> I'm running (using Debian Sid, running pmud and pommed).

I’ve seen this problem one year ago, on a Powerbook G4 12" that was
running sarge then testing (i.e. etch). It mainly happened in summer,
when running CPU-intensive processes such as kernel compiling.
This problem disappeared some day, and never happened this summer.

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