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Re: Sven Luther

On 22-jul-2007, at 12:20, Charles Plessy wrote:

Le Sun, Jul 22, 2007 at 11:44:08AM +0200, Robert Millan a écrit :

Hi folks,

Sven (CCed) asked me if I could do something to get his ban lifted on


I am very surprised of this ban as it was never announced. The
explanations from the listmasters clearly state that the filter is to
prevent Sven to post on on debian-project. Of course, banning him on all
lists fullfies this purpose, but I think that in that case the wording
would be really unappropriate.


For this reason I support the lifting of the ban on -powerpc.

I know Sven form the debian lists to be a very knowledgable debian developer and participant on the powerpc branch. There has been some very disputable infighting on wich I was unable and unwiling to 'take sides' since _both_ sides showed annoying behavior that only helped to fuel the fight. If any 'banning' should follow from that period, a whole bunch of debian devs would have to banned which seems rediculous to me.

I see no reason to ban Sven completely from any debian lists and vote for the ban to be lifted.

my 2 c.


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