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Re: Failed Installation, Raid1 on MAC G4 PPC

Oh I forgot to mention that the sata controller is not part of the mother it is an add on I bought.

On 7/20/07, Manuel Mendez < mmendez534@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi and thanks for the time

I have an old Mac G4 that was in the garage and decided to use it as a web server. I have 2 250 GBs SATA discs and wanted to setup a RAID1.
So I started by erasing the old stuff on each disk. Then each disk has 2 partitions, one that just says APPLE which is a few KBs. I formatted the other partion of each disk to be used as RAID.
Then I go to configure raid. When I try to finish partitions and write them I get some error about the linux kernel not recognizing that I have to reboot and stuff, so I do. When I get back to the partitioning it either recognizes the format as a RAID but no actual raid or the disk has no particular format (cant remember which since I have tried almost every option here and I have gotten all mixed)

What I would really appreciate is a pretty much step by step on the raid setup. I am going to completely erase the disks so that only the APPLE and empty space remain then reboot, so that I can try any suggestions from here on a clean slate.


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