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Re: New Member

On Jul 12, 2007, at 1:30 PM, Mr. Shawn H. Corey wrote:


I have recently signed up to your mailing list and would like to introduce myself. (I have been lurking for a few days to get a feel for this list.)

I have been using computers for many, many years and UNIX since S5R4. And yes, that means I have done some sysadmin. (I even have a B manual, B the language before C; I never used it but I can answer questions you may have on it. In other words, I am very comfortable with *NIX.)

I have a PowerBook G4 running Ubuntu 7.04. And it's crappy. So, I'm looking for alternatives.

First, I'd like to know how to convert my system over to Debian. I have looked at the website (and noticed that a complete Debian is 22 CDs), so I'm asking what's the best way to convert my machine to Debian?

Except for any Mac specific boot problems which I can't help you with:

1. A network which starts with a single CD is easy, especially someone with your skills.

2. The 22 CD's contain all the Debian packages that exist. You won't need that many of the packages. The first one or two will get you most of what you want and then you get the rest from the Internet.

Second, what's involved in this "install from network"? The website says you must know what you're doing but leaves no clue about what information I need to do it successfully.

If you are using DHCP and are connected to ethernet you probably don't have to know anything. Otherwise you need to know the IP address and netmask.

Third, how do I determine what drivers I need? Ubuntu really sucks at this. I'm trying to avoid a repeat.

While Ubuntu is installed use tools like lspci to determine your hardware and you will probably be fine. If there are other Mac specific driver problems someone else will probably jump in here and comment.

Just in case you want to know what inspired me, see:

I guess that what I'm really asking is, "Can Debian give me a system I use?" A tough question which I don't expect you to answer. That is, not directly. But I'm dipping my toe in the waters to see if I like it.

The only trouble I had with my last PowerBook was the wireless driver. I haven't actually installed Debian on this PowerBook yet. I'm just using the FreeBSD under the OS X.


Paul Scott

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