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Re: alsaconf does it but reboot kills it

On Tue, Jul 03, 2007 at 09:29:09PM +0900, 2g wrote:
> i now have stable & unstable on my iBookG4
> both was making sounds when i tested it by mpg321
> during the install and dist-upgrade process
> but both lose sound whenever i reboot
> in stable re-alsaconf will bring it back
> in unstable alsaconf pretends to have done the job
> but mpg321 give me an error

alsaconf is pretty useless for powermacs. You just have two options,
either your sound chip is supported by snd-aoa or you are stuck with
the old dmasound_pmac driver. With a recent udev and kernel snd-aoa
should be autoloaded. If not you can try manually loading the various
snd-aoa-* modules.

If your model is not supported by snd-aoa you need to add dmasound_pmac
to /etc/modules.

You can check if a sound card is detected by looking into


> i re-installed several times
> and i remember that
> the error was once
> "No default libao driver available" kind of thing
> but i think last time i saw something different
> excuse me  i have to learn
> how to send the error logs...
> slackintosh also failed alsaconf-ing
> and i found this
> http://tintuc.no-ip.com/linux/tipps/slackintoshibookg4/
> as a solution
> but in Debian
> there must be a more systematic(?) command to solve this?
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