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yet another problem with Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 on a Workgroup Server 8550/200

Hi there,

After finally being able to pinpoint the reason why  would not boot on a Workgroup Server 8550/200, I have now yet another problem.

I reinstalled Debian GNU/Linux 4.0  for powerpc on the very same Workgroup Server 8550/200. The installation was flawless, except at the end:

I did the installation with the parameter "priority=low". This way I can tell debian-installer *not* to install the quik bootloader. Experience has shown that installing the quik bootloader makes the system unbootable, even after doing Command-Option-P-R to zap the PRAM. And anyway, the installation of quik always fails. And anyway, I'm using BootX to boot into Debian GNU/Linux.

... but on this Workgroup Server 8550/200, even *without* installing quik, the system was unbootable after the installation of Debian GNU/Linux.All I can see is a floppy with a flashing "?" in it.

But, I know how to solve the problem :)... I just need to boot on the old "Apple SCSI Disk Tool" floppy, and choose "Update", and the machine can again boot MacOS 9.x (and Debian, using BootX)

Anyway there is something puzzling there. The machine becomes unbootable although I told debian-installer not to install quik.

Pierre Bauduin
Linux enthusiast since 1996
Debian GNU/Linux user
Linux Registered User #64711

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