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Having this issue after the update.

Hi to all,

After I update gnome under debian unstable ppc. I started to have this issue:

"There was an error starting the GNOME Settings Daemon.

Some things, such as themes, sounds, or background settings may not work correctly.

The Settings Daemon restarted too many times.

The last error message was:

System exception: IDL:Bonobo/GeneralError:1.0 : Child process did not give an error message, unknown failure occurred

GNOME will still try to restart the Settings Daemon next time you log in."

If anyone has a clue. It would help a lot.



Javier O. Ramírez Martínez
Key fingerprint = E7D8 22DC 5B71 72DC A06A  61F4 D823 35ED 2E67 CFB2
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