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Re: miboot floppies from layer-acht

Hi rob,

sorry for my late reply I was too busy the last two weeks...

On Sunday 14 January 2007 10:00, rob rob wrote:
> 1.At one point you're asked if you want to install stable, unstable or
> testing. Won't this be a problem when sarge becomes old stable. I image the
> installation will fail here because it will start installing etch, which
> doesn't work with the 2.4 kernel.

Hmm, good point. I hope it's actually using sarge and not stable :) (Which you 
could see in the logs) But if that fails, I could patch the source to 
s/stable/sarge/ and rebuild the flopppies once etch is out.

> 2. There's no warning that you have to use a ext2 file system if you want
> to use quik. I know this is a known problem, but I'll say it again in case
> someone out there cares since it's a bitch to have to reinstall the base
> system on a 275 mhz machine with 96 mb ram.

/me nods.

> 3. Quik doesn't work. I know this "just happens" on some old world macs,
> but I hope that's not my case. I got the following error message:
> This machine is not supported: AAPL,e411MacFisc (no big surprise there)
> quik-installer failed with error code 1

I cannot really comment on this, as I dont know your mac (6500).

http://penguinppc.org/bootloaders/quik/quirks.php says: 

Requires special: output-device /bandit/ATY,264GT-B
load-base may need to be changed to 100000.

> I then went over to the terminal and tried running quik both on a chrooted
> filesystem and by changing into the /target directory and using the quik -r
> /target, both came out with error messages. The first one had something to
> do with /proc/cpu not being readable, 

mount /proc 


mount /proc /proc 

fixes that.

> the second one with /dev/hda2 not 
> being mountable.

Thats because of the devfs pathes... 

> Unfortunately I didn't take any notes on those error messages or exactly
> what I did. 

Those are quite useful to get help :)

> I would appreciate any tips on how to get quik working with layer-acht
> floppies, just to prove it's possible. 

I'm away from oldworld hardware at the moment :(

> I'm also always up for testing the 
> ~wouter floppies if there are any changes made there.



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