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Re: Debian has failed us

Hello to all of the PowerPC Debian people out there.

I don't want to discuss. Sometimes it is helpful to take another point of view.

In my humble opinion there was a customer who has a problem with Debian PowerPC. The problem is a known bug. In a normal commercial environment everyone would expect that this bug is solved. And that's no bad expectation. In my humble opinion (I don't discuss on this, it's my opinion) this customer was send from one counter to another without helping him. In my opinion this customer was told stories (it does not count if right or one was lying) just to get rid of him.

In a respectful commercial environment I would expect that the problem was solved. I would expect from my staff that they don't discuss, that they don't tell stories, that they don't look for another one to blame but to solve that problem. There is nothing else that matters. Solve that problem. Don't argue, don't look for explanations. Solve it. Nobody does give a damn how you do it as long as you solve it.

In a real world you just lost a valuable customer. In a real world you probably lost your job. In a real world you drag your company into chapter 4 (or was that 9)?

It's high time to get a little bit more professional.

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