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Re: Euro sign [was: Re: xkb-data with support for Mac keyboards into unstable]

Hello Wolfgang,
On Fri, Sep 29, 2006 at 05:09:04PM +0200, Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:
> I removed the "In-Reply-To:" header, to get a new thread ... I hope you
> don't mind ... :)

No, that is perfectly fine, in fact, I've should it done as well.
Could you also remove the CC: to my address please as well, I am

> On X (that is KDE/KDM), according to the KDE control-center, 
>  General:		Arial 9 (numbers here and following mean "size")
>  Fixed width:		Monospace 9
>  Toolbar:		Arial 9
>  Menu:			Arial 9
>  Window Title:		Sans Serif 9	       
>  Taskbar:		Arial 9
>  Desktop:		Arial 9
> Please let me know if you need more details (Font packages installed,
> etc ..)

First I'd like to know if you can see it in an xterm. I can perfectly
fine see it in openoffice or gvim, but not in xterm or vim. It works
in uxterm, though :-)). If it works in your xterm, can you post the
results of 
appres XTerm | grep font

> On console, /etc/console-tools/config is responsible for the settings,
> correct?:
> Excerpt from /etc/console-tools/config
> # Turn on numlock by default
> #LEDS=+num
> SCREEN_FONT=lat9w-16
> SCREEN_FONT_vc2=lat9w-16
> SCREEN_FONT_vc3=lat9w-16
> SCREEN_FONT_vc4=lat9w-16
> SCREEN_FONT_vc5=lat9w-16
> SCREEN_FONT_vc6=lat9w-16

Thanks. I just wonder when the maintainers of console-tools fix
#299798 so others don't have to search the mailing lists for this.

With this change, I now have a euro in the console as well.

> [notes like above simply help me forget man pages, once I found how some
>  tool works ... :) ]

I know, you should see my notes :-))

> My boottime.kmap.gz:
> www.wolfgangpfeiffer.com/boottime.kmap.gz

My keymap per se works, except I'd have to add » and « at some stage,
but on the laptop I don't need them this often.

> Please let me know if you need to know more ....

Except for my xterm question above, I'm happy. You've helped a lot. Thanks.


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